Friday, April 23, 2010

Chapter Four. Papermaking.

Alfie keeping a watchful eye on the business in hand!
Some with stamps and seed packets embedded.

this shows some of the sheets on kitchen cloths in the sun. This is a large cat litter tray filled with the watered pulp and some in my "heath robinson" deckle draining .

This is the before and after pictured with the blender.

I put my pulp to soak last evening so as it was another lovely day here I thought I'd try out my new hand blender(specifically for use with papermaking,it was a Christmas request) to see if it was up to the task.


Anne B said...

Good old Alfie. Nice of him to keep an eye on things. You're certainly getting a move on.

Trollman said...

your lucky Moggs sits on work, or tools, usually when I need them

Maggie said...

My papers took ages to dry Jenn, not sure it was my favourite activity and wouldnt want to do it now the weather is cooler!! Good luck with the next batch!! I won't be doing much more before summer school as we hope to be away in June. Are you coming to it this year?

Hazel said...

Hope the cat litter tray was not Moggs, pressed into alternative service!
Some very interesting surfaces on the paper.
Am hugging the heater in the summer house now after working with all the windows open!!