Saturday, May 08, 2010

More papers.

These are some loose weave fabrics I dyed to use for drawn thread work.I am not sure how successful they will be as they started out as dun coloured.
This last paper photo shows an earlier sample where the embedded yarn has been pulled back to tear through the top layer of paper.

Bottom has snippets of fancy yarn embedded and top is word cut out of orange paper .

The one on the left has plastic net sandwiched between layers,the others are self explanatory shapes laid onto a layer of paper.
I haven't tried to peel the shapes off as they are rather stuck.

The one at the bottom was laid to dry over corrugated card and the one above has paper cut out to spell the word "seeds"laid into it. I rather like the texture created by the card.

The "worms "left by the core of the yarn are very distinctive and remind me of fine roots on seedlings.

These have some fancy yarns sandwiched between two layers of paper. I like the way the shapes of the yarn structure shows.

I made these papers earlier in the week but they have taken a long time to dry as the temperature has plummeted.

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Trollman said...

I have the same problem, on a good day I can dry a plastiroc sculpture or a papier mache piece in a few hours in my conservatory, at the moment its taking days.