Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some out of sync. progress.

This sample plays some more with looping and tying and drawing threads into the fabric to show colour slipping.
This sample has threads withdrawn then three threaded into needle and wrapped vertically.

This sample has withdrawn threads tied together,threads withdrawn to form loops and threads withdrawn from side to middle.

These show various ways of threads being withdrawn.If you click on the pictures they should enlarge to show the detail.

I have had a busy week so not a huge amount done.The paper making is slowed because of the dip in temperature so I 've done some drawn thread work ,it's hard on the fingers .Some of my dyed fabrics were ,as I suspected ,not much use.I have used some coloured evenweaves I have found and a painted piece done at my first ever Embroiderers' Guild workshop with Sian.I am waiting to get more light coloured evenweave to dye and do more playing.

The first picture shows my only attempt at coloured pulp.It has the word SEED in it but it does not show particularly well.The other piece was textured by laying my fingers into the pulp while still wet.These have taken all week to dry.I'm hoping they are right about warmer weather for next week.

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