Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dye and pulp.

I used the same colours to paint my fabrics.I didn't want to paint stripes or blobs so went for,well you can see what I went for!It will probably make no difference but gave me some pleasure.
Next up I made some pulp and coloured it with procion dyes,from left brown,blue,orange. I choose these colours as they relate to the brown envelopes and paper ,the insides of envelopes,stamps and plastic packaging.

This first picture is a sample of furnishing fabric .On first look it seemed to be a simple weave so I decided to use it for some drawn threadwork.On withdrawing threads I could see that it wasn't ...but undaunted I persevered .Each was composed of two threads the warp(vertical?)was straightforward but the weft(horizontal?)wove first over ,under then the second thread did the opposite.


JaneO said...

Hi - just thought I would drop by and say I'm enjoying your drawn thread samples.

Maggie said...

Hi Jenn, looks like you are having fun with the fabric colours!! I'm taking my samples away with me as we leave for our trip this weekend...maybe I'll get some done ...and maybe not!! Looking forward to comparing notes at Urchfont.