Friday, May 21, 2010

Stoud textile festival.

I also saw "Curious Drawers by Brunel Broderers which was so varied and could have kept me enthralled looking for ages if there was time. There were also various exhibits in shop windows.It was well worth the visit ,not least to be able to wander about discovering Stroud,though to do it justice you'd need several days to see it all.
One surprise was the appearance of a name of a previous student of mine exhibiting work as part of his final year industrial project in Arts University of Bournemouth!

These were all by the Cork Textile Network
who are linked by their love of colour, texture and tactile nature of the materials they use in their work.

I took it into my head to dash up to Stroud to see what I could before it finished.These photos relate togrids and lettering so are relevant to the Module.

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Trollman said...

i like the middle one with all the text, do you have a better photo?