Friday, June 11, 2010

Chapter 7 wrapped frames.

This is the "tights" frame wrapped and blanket stitched to try to create the rhythms of the word below.It's not entirely successful.
This next was not photographed before being woven into with fancy knitting ribbon.It was machine thread wound around a wire frame.
and hand stitched at intersections. Strips of blue plastic knotted to frame of cardboard.

Top left-tights wrapped around plastic tray and zigzagged to hold together.

Middle -stuffed viscose ribbon wrapped around wire frame (removed)and machined.

Bottom left- acrylic yarn wrapped around plastic tray and machined.

Top right- torn strips of fabric laid into a grid (orange) another laid over(blue)and machined.

Bottom right -elastic bands wrapped around wire Frame (removed)backed with fabrics strips to aid stitching .

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