Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jill Amanda Kennedy.

I have been away from workroom and computer for a few days as I 've been on a two day workshop with our E.G.It was with Jill Amanda Kennedy and we had a really good two days ,though it flew by.The picture shows my "fabric"made by layering all sorts of odds of exotic fabrics,then machining to add further surface interest and texture.

The next picture shows the cuff I made with the fabric.As you can see there is enough left to make something else.Alongside are the cords and beads I made but have not used as yet.There is also a tiny glimpse of some of the other things produced by my fellow crafters.It was lovely to meet up and spend time with other creative people.I'm looking forward to Summer School for the same reason,not long now.


Hazel said...

lovely stuff - looks like you had a great time!

JaneO said...

Looks like the 2 day workshop was fun - are you going to bring your bits to the next Guild meeting? See you at summer school!