Thursday, June 24, 2010

Embedding grids chapter 8.

I used the sunny weather to good effect to dry these grids.The top is the tights grid,middle is the stuffed viscose ribbon,bottom is a grid I made by twisting wire together then stitching and wrapping into with my hand dyed threads.  
               This next one shows top strips of threads and fabric with threads withdraw laid into paper pulp.The bottom one is a fabric grid with paper pulp embedded around the edges.     
The final one shows top the elastic sewn to the fabric strips.Middle is just some loose threads laid onto paper pulp.Bottom one is the grid I wove into from machine thread on a wire frame.
Is it just me or does the blogger make it difficult to post what you want where and how you want?


Stephanie M said...

Yes, it's blogger, not you. I gave up with blogger a while ago.

Max the Lobster said...

I like these, especially the 3 at the bottom. It's amazing what paper fibres will stick to and look good!
I still can't get text above the top photograph with blogger although I have tried!

Hazel said...

I can't get text above the top photo either - using blogger is so frustrating at times.
The weather is kinder to your grid making - looks like you are having fun.

Finishing the net is not leaving much time to finish book! Will bring what I have done to summer school - looking forward to seeing you again.