Friday, July 02, 2010

Chapter 10 -book structures.

I have still to dye some pulp and continue with the paper experiments but having some time I decided to do some clean work.
Several years ago I bought a booklet at one of the exhibitions to do with Chinese folded books.These are used to keep threads and notions by the Chinese women.I have made the small five pocket book ,but there are larger and smaller versions.
I have used some stamps to decorate it,not for any other reason than I wanted to try them out.The top image shows the pockets folded .The bottom image shows one side partially open.I am sure that this technique can be exploited to make lots of variations.
These next books were taken from Sue Doggett's "Handmade Books". Above is a Flag book,below is a folded out book.

This photo shows top- Slotted zigzag and bottom- Alternate folds book.

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Hazel said...

Love the top one - unusual book structures - looking good. Packed your bun tins yet? I'm having a little go at my book before I come, but it won't get finished - distracted by the tennis.