Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chapter 9b

I am going to try again to post this as it gave too many gaps last time.You can see I've been away from the blog!
 I have made a start on the page edges
I have photographed each one with its "inspiration".
First I looped some dyed yarn over the edge and caught it down with straight machining.

Next I tore vertically from the edge and wove some dyed lace in and out before stitching"crennelations"to hold in place.

This is simply overstitched by hand with a thick yarn.

I wrapped some dyed scrim over the edge ,then chain stitched with viscose ribbon and overstitched with an automatic machine stitch.

Final sample had scrim wrapped over edge and was then machine stitched with variegated thread in two colours with automatic stitches on the diagonal and horizontally.

Hopefully this will publish and read better.I need to get myself into a rhythm and complete this module,having a break makes it much harder to get going and maintain the impetus.

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