Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More edges.

It has been a really dark and dismal day so did a few more edges  this afternoon to finish this part of the module.
  This  first one uses a thick wool yarn and "Pekinese "stitch.

Next I pasted some patches of scrim to the edge  of the paper. I then used two shades of machine thread to stitch with "Herringbone" stitch.

In this last one I used some different hand dyed yarns to make some "French knots"then couched a meandering line between them.
I used Jan Beaney's book "Stitches,New Approaches" to find appropriate ideas.  I think they are effective but there are a few problems.Namely it is difficult to make the edges double sided and unless the paper is backed with fabric it tears and comes away.
   My thoughts are beginning to turn to how I will use all of this to create a final piece.I saw a lovely piece by Hilary Bower made from paper ,fabric and stitch which has set me thinking.My initial idea is still connected to seeds and maybe some sort of container but how to develop is going to exercise me for a while yet.


Fibrenell said...

You're going well, Jen. How about sandwiching the fabric between 2 papers for strength without seeing the fabric on double sided edges? You could cut away in places to reveal the other paper if it was a different colour/ texture?

Meg said...

Hi Jen, dismal is a good way of describing the weather yesterday! I think your edges are great.

Daniela said...

Hallo Jen, these are great great!! And I love your fresh and bold approach. Your mentioning Hilary Bower struck a note with me, I was looking at her works during my vacation and found them so inspiring too ... Good luck with your work, I too have to get back into the flow. Daniela

Maggie said...

Good to see you are rolling out the work again, I love the variety of edges....this should get me going!!I have been doing bits of chapter 6 but have deffinitely been on a go slow!! Hope to blog some soon before we go away for a couple of weeks in Sept..Maggie