Friday, August 27, 2010

This and that.

The sun came back so I got out my coloured pulps and had a play.Thinking about Helen's comment I trapped pieces of dyed scrim between two sheets of paper to see how that would work when stitching into them.
   I used some letters stamps to impress into the sheets while they were still wet.

I also used the stamps to print onto some scraps of paper and scrim.

I then started to think about the word I have used and  how I could develop the ideas.
I had already been playing with a concertina type book with pockets when I wondered how it might look with letters instead.

I then took another direction and put snippets of paper and scrim into water soluble and machine stitched letters ,words and loops before dissolving to see how it would hold up.


 None of this is strictly what I should have been doing but sometimes you just have to follow where your head takes you.Who knows it might just lead to a final piece!



Hazel said...

stunning look on the last piece - you are having fun. I'm still busy but doing mini works for an exhibition at the courtyard - dentist again n Tuesday - oh joy! Then I've Angie's workshop to look forward to - then we go on holiday - then we have another mini break for a wedding - might get some diploma done in October!

Fibrenell said...

You've lovely ideas, particularly with the letter pages.

Trollman said...

love the paper letters, I kow they are only tests but they work well sculpturally,I always like white on white well lit with strong shadows.They would look good if you used some coloured glass or wine bottles between them and the light source.

Trollman said...

I assume you know about wordle?

Meg said...

Your letter pages look really effective. I also love the colours in the first photo