Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sampling .

I got myself down to my workroom and determined to play about today instead of faffing around and not doing anything productive.The following photos are the result.

This was not a huge success.The scrim between the paper layers stitches quite well but the Flags are not stiff enough to hold their own weight and it's problematic attaching them to the concertina.I didn't like this.

This next one was the soluble fabric made in a previous post stitched to pelmet vilene and pleated .The pleats were further stitched into the crease to give more rigidity.I folded the fabric leaving the top edge uneven.

This is an alternate view.

This is the paper with scrim between stitched to strengthen then cut into "e" .This will work for my favourite idea of having "pages" of letters.



This is my idea for a cover,I took various papers and laid them onto some scrim ,then stitched random letters and loops .I then backed it with pelmet vilene.


Thinking about the fold out book I  decided a sheet of loose weave might work better than piecing various papers together and would allow me to use some withdrawn threads.I could use the paper for the pockets.



Finally I used some loose weave fabric and withdrew some threads to form a grid.I attached it with some of the threads by knotting through to the piece of fabric made with snippets of paper and scrim that I free-machined.Not sure if it will work but it could be a cover linking with the concertina piece above in picture 2 and 3.
I still like my original with the letters as pages and think that I will develop this as my final piece incorporating some of the best ideas from my sampling.As to the seeds I may use some to embed in the paper I use ,and I can use melon seeds to add as embellishments as shown in a previous post.
As this has dried I thought I would include it to show how it turned out.To use it as a cover I think it would need extra stiffening to stand, though I am not sure I would want pelmet vilene as it would show ,perhaps spray starch or I think there's something called"Stiffen Stuff".It's glorious though chilly out of the sun here so I may venture down to my workroom and even if I do nothing I can enjoy the sun streaming through the window.


Trollman said...

good stuff, love the colours in the top one. Sharon and I ahve made your blog required reading for A level textiles!

Hazel said...

though 1 was not successful, 2,3 and 7 are delicious - following the saga with interest!
Am going to the courtyard exhibition of 'miniworks' preview tomorrow night - as I have been invited 'cos I won a prize!!!
Will put piccies on blog soon.

Fibrenell said...

I like your letter page too. Someimes it takes the mockup to decide if something just doesn't look right, but if you're like me you need to see it for yourself. I do like your colours in this.

Jackie said...

This is lovely work , its good to see the various experiments. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...I feel so complimented that lovely people like you are interested enough to read it.