Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some initial ideas.

I have not done much lately but the thoughts have been percolating.This afternoon I started to put down some ideas in sketch form.They are not yet firm but give something to work toward.
This first one is based on the concertina book with pages in the shape of letters.

Idea number two works on the folded out page book.

Idea number three is based on the flag book.

I think that my favourite is the first one . I have some sampling to do as the folding of the concertina will need to hold its shape and be robust enough to stand and hold the weight of the inner pages.I will also need to create a way to make several pages from letter shapes that can be stitched to the spine of the concertina and will be able to be read as letters.This idea will be more of a  sculpture than a working  book.I shall be able to use some of my playing though I expect I will need to do more.


Fibrenell said...

I like your flag idea which appears to interlock? Look forward to seeing your samples.

Daniela said...

Good food for thought! Your initial thinking looks very promising. Your book samples are absolutely great.