Monday, November 01, 2010


I seem to have been thinking about the resolved piece for ages but not really getting down to completing it.I spent some time this afternoon formalising ideas.I think I need to just go ahead and make it,solving any problems as I go otherwise I shall still be unfinished at Christmas!

 This shows some of the materials I have been playing with and thinking about using.

Picture 2
 I am going to create the concertina book and this shows how I intend to create the back of the covers.I will need to have a stiffener and thought to use vilene coloured or collaged and then use loosely woven fabric with withdrawn threads to cover it.The spaces created by the withdrawing of threads to be large enough to glimpse what lies beneath.

Picture 3
These are some of the papers I created using scrim as the filling in the sandwich.I have free-machined into them and added some surface hand stitch.I have also twisted some squash seeds into tubular knitted wire and covered some pipe cleaners with viscose ribbon and bent into letter shapes.I hope to use these pages to piece together to make the outside covers.

Picture 4
The concertina at the hinge will need to be robust enough to pleat and have to support the letter pages.I wondered about creating pieces of "fabric" to cover vilene on both sides that could be stitched into the pleats and would be able to stand.I explored this in a previous post.
  The letter pages will be made from pieces of handmade paper, silk paper and tissue strengthened with pva.These will be stitched to the folds at various heights.I will embellish some with hand stitchery and may sprinkle some seeds to the surface.
I am not certain if the book will close so will consider things such as fastenings when I reach that stage .


artymess said...

I'm loving the colours and textures...x

Maggie said...

Hi Jenn, it all looks good, but I know what you mean...I'm nearly at that stage, with loads of ideas but can't workout how to progress!! It feels as if I've been on this module for ages too! Keep going!

Daniela said...

Hi Jennifer, I know how you feel because I am in the same stage, yesterday I was thinking as you say "just go ahead and make it". Yes, just let's go ahead and make whatever we have in mind, problems will take care of themselves in the making

threadcircles said...

Hi Jen, I love the colours of your work. I'm sure the inspiration will come, I liked this module.

Meg said...

Hi Jen, the colours are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!