Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 3.

I have chosen six of my photos to interpret in paper textures.
1.Used twisted tissue paper.

2.I used tissue paper again some was rolled and cut to form little balls ,some rolled and stuck and some scrunched .

3.This also used various thicknesses of rolled tissue and scrumpled tissue.

4.This used cut shapes from tissue and newsprint.

5.This used cartridge paper which was first scrunched in the hand and worked to distress the surface before being torn into shapes and stuck.

6.This used bondaweb backing paper rolled for the ribs and cut triangles of tracing paper for the leaves.

Once again I took rubbings of them to see what would result.I think they work well as the PVA glue dries quite hard giving a good surface to rub.
I think there is a good variety of marks and textures to work form in these samples.


Anne B said...

Very comprehensive. Looks like a good module. I'll catch you up one day! Just enjoying what I'm doing at the moment. Saw Kathryn on Saturday - we went to the NEC. She's busy making lovely pen wraps at the moment. I'll let you know when her website is up and running.

Jackie said...

I can see how my post relates to your current work. You are avery good example. I should of course, have gone through all that and then worked from my results . What a lovely set of posts. Thanks for reminding me of how it should be done..its very inspiring.