Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chapter Four- Fabric Investigation.

I sorted my selection of fabrics at the weekend but left the categorising and photographing until today.I think they are fairly well identified as to fibre but the burning will let me know for certain.I wasn't in the mood for that today as it has been gloriously warm and sunny.
I had an encounter with a fox in the garden as I was planting some seeds .He was not at all phased by my presence ,in fact he sat and watched creeping closer at one point before sloping off up the garden.There were three cubs born last year and they have stayed around inhabiting the garden especially to sun themselves. They seem to think this is their territory much to the annoyance of our cat!

I realised after I had photographed these that I had left some out but it doesn't matter I can always add them later or leave them out ,the main ones are recorded.

Quite a few of the silks are from a sample box I got some years ago,and although I know they are silk I 'm not sure of the type of fabric.

I took a little time this afternoon to investigate a selection of fabrics.I have mounted each small sample on an A4 sheet that will slip into my sketchbook for reference.

natural fabrics

I was correct in my assumption of the fibre content of all apart from one.The linen with slub appeared to have some element of man made but the burn and soldering iron said no!

man-made fabrics

After some garden chores I retired to the cool of my workroom to complete this chapter.
And finally some burning and melting with a heat gun!

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