Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter Five -quilting,padding and stuffing.

I made a start on this chapter this afternoon and quickly came to the conclusion that my hand stitching was not especially consistent, so I opted for the trusted machine which manages to keep an even stitch and tension.
Top (1a) is my handquilted attempt.I used muslin as the top layer,polyester wadding and a close weave cotton.
All the following were quilted by machine with a straight stitch.
Bottom (1b) is machine quilted with a straight stitch.It uses organza top layer,triple layer of felt and cotton furnishing fabric.


  Top (2a) uses muslin,polyester wadding and close weave cotton.
Bottom(2b) is the same but I have turned it over so you see the back.

 Top (3a) has a scrim top layer ,machine knitted filling and cotton furnishing fabric.
Bottom(3b) has organza top layer,crumpled sheet of tissue filling and furnishing cotton as before.

And this is one of the foxes caught on camera the other evening.We have always had foxes in the garden but they would run off as soon as they saw you this lot don't!

After a morning spent doing some maintenance to garden furniture, and some weeding, my back complained so I took myself off to do some more on this chapter.

I used some man-made curtain voile and furnishing cotton as the top and bottom layers of the samples.

Top (4a)I took some rubber washers and stitched into their middles and around the outside.

Bottom(4b) I bent some pipe-cleaners into curves before stitching around them.

Top (5a) these were some hard discs found at Scrapstore that were placed then stitched around.

Bottom (5b) I cut and rolled some bubble wrap into tubes then stitched channels to hold them in place.

 Top(6a) I folded some polyester wadding into four ,then I cut a leaf shape and stitched around it.I stitched into it some veins.

Bottom(6b) These were some covered buttons that were stitched around.

The following samples use the same fabric for top and bottom layers.It is ,I think ,a cotton mix.

Top (7a) I stitched parallel channels of stitching to form the letter " J".I used the selvedge of some stretchy lurex net to stuff them.

Bottom (7b) After stitching the channels I used several strands of chunky acrylic yarn to stuff them.

8a. I stitched the shape  before stuffing with merino wool tops.

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Meg said...

Hi Jenn, your hand quilting looks fine to me! Meg