Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter six -tucks,pleats and gathers.

I haven't made much progress recently as I have been busy doing other things.My Mam also is back with us as she had a fall and fractured her kneecap so is not too mobile at present,a plaster from ankle to mid thigh is a tad unwieldy!However ,she is in good spirits.
  I did have a little play yesterday and the following are the result so far.
1and 2

1.Simply parallel tucks on the straight grain.

2.As above but on the bias.

3 and 4

3.Tapered tucks end to end.

4.Tapered tucks all narrow to wide.

5 and 6

5.Parallel tucks stiched down with vertical line  equally spaced.

6.Tucks made in horizontal and then vertical directions.

7 and 8

7.Lines of parallel tucks opened to form cable like structures and stitched.

8.As above but stitched first down then up alternately across the row.


9.Rows of parallel tucks which have been slashed .

None of these samples has been pressed

I have borrowed Collette Wolff's book" The Art of Manipulating Fabrics" from the library and have been poring over it .It is full of really interesting ideas to try and some just to ponder over .It has sections on tucks,pleats,gathers,smocking and so much more.

I am looking forward to Summer school.I was in a quandary about who to choose and was fortunate that Mary Sleigh was doing a workshop with our Guild .I attended last Saturday and had a great day ,she was really excellent and generous with her artefacts and knowledge of African culture.So now I feel I will have had the best of both choices.

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Anne B said...

Interesting samplse, particularly 7-9. Could this be the start of something big?