Saturday, July 16, 2011

Distant Stitch Summer sketch book challenge.

After reading about Sian's challenge I coloured several pages with Brusho washes.This morning two of the flowers from my orchid dropped,they were telling me I needed to draw them on the pages in their colour.I used a Pilot pen,this was before I saw the second day's instructions on Stitch Loop.

I had "teabagged "several pages at the other end of the sketchbook .I used a graphite pencil to produce this drawing of an ammonite I was given many years ago by a pupil.

I don't know if we are to  show our daily sketches but here is my day three .I used the same drawing medium but with a different object.

Very minimalist for day four,just a line with Pilot pen.

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Daniela said...

What a beautiful and ready start! You have inspired me, today I am going to colour some pages in my sketchbook