Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have been investigating ways of creating my own thermofax screens ,including visiting a tatoo parlour but without much success!I knew about Print Gocco and had seen a demo on http://www.nehoc.aus/ about using the machine to burn a screen mesh. I had got some mesh from and already had the Claire Benn book.I remembered my sister in law had had a machine about twenty years ago and wondered if she still had it ?She donated it as she no longer uses it ,so armed with some new bulbs ,and an  image I tried it today.
First image shows machine and my image.Next is the screen after exposure.As you can see it works a treat.

This is a print on paper but      using some acrylic paint mixed with a too runny textile medium.

The last was a try on some scrim. The consistency of the medium is too runny so the print is flooded but I will persevere and try different things to acheive the right result.The image is a photo of one of my samples from unit 4 blacked out on Paint Shop Pro.


Max the Lobster said...

this looks great! you might have to start hiring out your machine! looking forward to seeing more

Anne B said...

Fantastic. Clever you. There'll be no stopping you.

Meg said...

There's some stuff about Gocco on the blog Gocco is on the categories menu to save you reading the whole blog! I'm not sure how it works but it looks very interesting!

JaneO said...

OOh that image is really effective, we'll all be round yours for a demo.