Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aug 10th.

First my drawing from yesterday,it's too big for the page really and I should have sharpened my 4b pencil or used a less smudgy one!

Next my "carbon "try out.I used a white conte crayon at the top and a grey green oil pastel at the bottom.I laid a grey oil pastel,a blue wax crayon and a turquoise Caran d'ache(Oops ,not showing ) over the top.I then drew a paint palette using the bamboo pen.I quite like the way some lines do not show ,your eye fills them in for you.

I tried a different set of objects,some old bottles.

I used the white conte and oil pastel to lay down the ground,and the bamboo pen and a spent biro to draw with.The" lift off "drawing works best.It looks odd as it's in reverse from how you originally look at the objects.
I think I like the paint palette best as it's not too fussy.

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