Friday, August 12, 2011

Aug 11/12th

This, on the right ,is the carbon offset image from laying down a page of graphite that was on the left.The left -hand page has been rubbed out and worked into with thick and thin watercolour markers.The graphite was very dense so the rubber could not make a great deal of impact!

These are the original drawing on the left ,and the image created from pressing into the page overleaf on the right. I added thin and thick lines to show up the image .

Lastly my monoprint drawings of a variety of tubular objects.I used some handmade paper which was quite soft as you can see by the blurry lines.I drew with a pencil.Some of the paper stuck to the paint as it dried but it was easy enough to scrape back with a palette knife.I love the energy this type of printing/drawing  gives to the images.I must do more to explore this .

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Trollman said...

love the way the pots bottom left fade as they go away from you. I can never seem to get just the right amount of ink on the block when monoprinting. Must try the other techniques you've been displaying, they are really impressive. Are you doing a drawing course?