Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18 th.

I have been a bit busy so haven't updated my sketchbook until now.This is just a line drawing I did as the flower dropped and it was so lovely I wanted to record it.

These next are different monoprints with varying degrees of success.

I tried some other papers to see what would happen.

I used a second colour to add to some.I think it would be interesting to add collage to papers before monoprinting.

I was running out of pages so drew onto already coloured backgrounds but it did affect the colour I applied over the top .

Stitching with perle and linen.

These are some Calendulas in the veg plot,they've done well and the colour really sings out especially when the sun shines!

Some Nasturtiums ,which are a fabulous colour with a deeper throat.

I forgot to photo the stitching before adding the colour.The "print" from this is lovely.

Thank you to Sian as I have really relished finding out each day's task and keeping up with everyone.It has been a lovely journey, and one I keep promising myself that I should keep up .Sadly,without someone there pushing me  along and keeping me  at it I very often let things slip.

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JaneO said...

Your prints are great - you have done well to keep going.