Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Continuing the sketchbook.

I have left off the rubbing and printing until today when I was feeling okay about messiness!
I made several rubbings of the tablecloth and also some rubbings of a whitework cushion cover and some lace that I never got around to drawing from.I didn't attempt the print as I thought the rubbings were clear enough marks.
This shows the back and front of the stitching.

The crochet lace edging.

The seam where the fabric has been pieced together to form the whole.

The edging and a paper cutout based upon it ,then a rubbing of the paper cutout.

Various rubbings of other textiles.

Prints and rubbings of textile fragments.

My interpretation of the frayed edge of one of the fragments on the right hand page .I then made a print block based on it and made some prints on text and tissue paper ,then layered them on the left hand page.

Next I added a wash to a page and pushed the print block into it.At the top I added further marks with a Caran D'Ache white crayon. 

An after thought---a drawing of one of the textile fragments.


Anne B said...

I never knew rubbings could look so good! Nice, nice, nice.

Kentish Maid said...

These are just lovely. I particularly love the page with the prints.

Trollman said...

Jenn as ever you do wonders with a bit of mixed media work. When I teach AS textiles I'm constantly looking at your stuff for ideas. Us sculptors just don't have your eye for this stuff.

Catherine said...

Wonderfully clear rubbings Jenn and I love your drawing at the end. Lovely work!