Friday, September 23, 2011

Chapter 11.

I was wrong ,I haven't missed out a chapter...honest! Got on with the flat and relief textured papers today.Well I did more flat ones,rather bored with the relief ones.As I am hoping to stick with white and neutrals I worked with white acrylic on black sugar paper.
I used scrunched paper to print,edge of a glue spatula,,bristle brush on end,end of hollow tube,scrunched card to print,dry brush.


End of an eraser,kebab stick rolled across surface,edge of card,rolled piece of card.

Pinched paper lines,squashed dots,scrumpled squares,cut up postage labels.  

I did have a play with colouring some white paper with black brusho,black Koh- i -Noor and some Indian ink then using bleach .However ,I never seem to have much success.I don't know if I 'm too impatient to let it work or what.


Not very good photos but the bleach in 4. worked best.
There are some lovely colours in the Brusho black is made up of browns and greys  and blues (which you can't see !) It would work to use as collage and inspiration for bark perhaps as a dyed and painted fabric.
Anyway that's all for today.

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Catherine said...

You've done some lovely textures Jenn and given me some ideas for my decorated papers in Module 2 chapter 5 of the Certificate! Hope you don't mind if I steal some of your ideas!!