Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter 11.

I have been doing some little bits of the module in between other crafty things.I thought I'd better upload what I 've done otherwise it becomes a mammoth ,and sometimes frustrating effort.
First I chose some images ,which are all quite abstract ,as they are of tree bark in the main, and looked at how they could be subdivided.I found this worked reasonably well.

Next I decided to scan, and print out  my flat relief papers to cut up for the next exercise ,as I reasoned that should I want to play more then I would run out of my papers.

          I tried a few ideas from the different source images,cutting the lines in some and tearing others.I prefer the softer torn lines .
I can see how some of the shapes can be interpreted in stitch and fabric manipulation but cannot really see how to progress this to the resolved sample. I like the shapes in 3b best of all as I can see how the marks might be stitched  and manipulated but think I need some input before I can progress to that stage.

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