Saturday, October 15, 2011

All change!

I have had the benefit of Sian's wisdom and been given things to think about.One of them being colour.As I said my bleach experiments were disappointing but the Brusho did produce some stunning colours.Sian suggested that I might consider this as my colour scheme.I have looked at them this afternoon and decided to try to reproduce the range of colours by mixing up some Procion dyes.
dye mix
The photo shows the colours used at the bottom and the resulting intermixes at the top.
They are still wet at this stage but do look quite promising.

resolved choice 1

resolved choice 2
The two most promising  cut paper ideas are on the left.At this stage I am still drawn to choice 2, but that may change as I try out sampling and means of interpretation.

colours 1
 Next I went looking for any threads ,and bits I had that might work with the bleach papers.The photos that follow detail the relationship.I was going to stick to a neutral ,monochrome piece but these colours are ravishing.

colour  3


colour 2

Bad luck to Wales this morning they were very unlucky not to be in the final.I think if players are able to be disciplined when evidence is looked at off the field then what happens to referees?Is he French or of French ancestry because his decision was most decidedly flawed.

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