Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Module 5 Chapter 8.

No sketchbook today as I have been working to get back into Module 5.I have played with some ideas and have created a few samples for translating the paper textures into fabric.
I will mount these at some point but for now I have cut some windows in a piece of black sugar paper ,slipped the samples beneath and put the source photo alongside.
1.Top -This is layers of organza stitched into tucks which was attached to calico which has stitched channels threaded with pipe-cleaners.The calico between the channels was cut away to reveal the organza.I then used perle thread to create large stitches across the divide.This photo doesn't show it too well but I like the transparency .
Bottom-I sandwiched polyester wadding between two pieces of cotton and used the twin needle to stitch criss-crossing lines.

2.Top- I stitched two pieces of cotton together then cut slits in the wrong side ti stuff with wadding.Next I used a thick thread in the bobbin and cable stitched from the wrong side .
Bottom- I quilted some cotton fabric by sandwiching two layers with a polyester filling .I cut pieces from this quilted fabric then applied them with free machining to  another piece of cotton.I like this piece and feel it could be developed with further stitching
3.Top- I just twin needle stitched a piece of calico in various directions.
Bottom- I stitched parallel lines to hold kebab sticks ,then stitched tucks in the fabric between.

I have done a few more samples but need to complete two of each source to photograph them together so will post them at a later date.I was surprised how easily I slipped back into the groove and how much I enjoyed this afternoon of stitching.


Garnered Stitches said...

Thanks for reminding me to put down the Goldwork and get on with C & G work!
The samples are very good and looking forward to seeing the rest.

Catherine said...

Lovely samples, Jenn. I particularly like the effect of the twin needle stitching. I've got one gathering dust - must have a try with it!