Thursday, September 08, 2011

More Chapter 8

Another pleasant afternoon spent working on samples.It was actually quite warm too ,I was able to leave the door to my workroom open.Looks as if we are in for more remnants of hurricanes over the weekend though,where's the indian summer?

4.Top-  Layers of organza stitched to calico then zapped with a heat gun.
Bottom- A piece of calico stitched with gathering thread on machine .It was pulled up to create folds then lots of small lengths of shiny threads were couched by hand.

5.-This is an extra just to try it out and it's actually quite successful!I trapped lots of ends of a thick and thin thread between layers of organza then zapped with a heat gun.

 6.Top -I couched some hairy string with machine zigzag  on the wrong side of the fabric ,then pulled up to gather.I used straight stitch to fix the gathers ,then oversewed in places with a rayon cord.
Bottom=I cut out lots of strips and gathered on the machine before stitching down.
The photos look different as I had the flash on for two and off for the bottom one.

This finishes this part of the module.I have made some rubbings from my earlier paper textures from Chapters 2 and 3 and will photograph these with the source tomorrow.Then it's onto more handstitch.I must look out another textile to study for the sketchbook.


Maggie said...

Good to see you back on mod 5!! I've enjoyed looking at your sketchbook work too...I havent got around to anything for weeks but should start blogging some chapters of 5 very soon!!

Catherine said...

Wow! You are on a roll. What a lot of work you are doing - you are making me feel lazy! Lovely samples.