Friday, September 09, 2011

Rubbings and Threads.

I haven't done much practical work today but just sorted and labelled my threads.I will have to look at some websites to find the prices as I have no idea what they cost,some were picked up cheaply while others were ordered specifically.

I have photographed my rubbings but forgot to add the source alongside.Sian says to look at the marks rather than going back to the originals so perhaps I won't add them in.

These actually relate to the fabric samples in the previous posts.I used black sugar paper and a white  Caran D'Ache

These last two come from playing with paper to create textures.

I have to try to familiarise myself with stitches so have been looking at Constance Howard and Jan Beaney books on stitches.This will keep me occupied!

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artymess said...

what great textures and what a great idea to translate them into stitch samples.....x