Monday, October 24, 2011

More sketchbook.

Using Inktense pencils on black paper.I then tore a little template from looking at the petals and used this to draw around with a pen and feathered the edges with the coloured pencils.Next cut out several "stencils" from an old envelope and stuck down before using a card with three "stencils" cut from it to draw lines and feather with watersoluble graphite.On the facing page used same stencil to feather and draw around before flooding with water.Last of  all I looked quickly at a leaf. I smudged on some graphite and scribbled on top and wet the page then closed it to leave a ghost image.


Thimble Fingers said...

Great sketchbook work.

Catherine said...

These work really well. I admire the amount of work you manage to do. You are an inspiration to me and hopefully your work will give me a push to get on with my course work (putting off the dyeing which I don't enjoy - my husband says it's displacement activity but the house has never been so clean!)