Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some sampling and more scribbles.

I was waiting for someone to come this morning and had my sketchbook handy so I did some quick scribbly drawings using wet paper and a soluble pen ,and Inktense pencils.

This was scribbled very loosely ,looking down on the plant.I wasn't in the mood for looking accurately.It was good just to be very free with marks.
                  I did these samples a couple of days ago but forgot to photograph them.They are an attempt to translate the marks into stitch and fabric manipulations.I think if I keep playing and thinking I will eventually get some inspiration for the way forward.I also bought some black procion to over- dye a few samples to see if I can get some darker contrasts.I don't want a complete black as I think the variations are much nicer.
sampling for resolved piece


Trollman said...

i've always liked using soluable pens, but never tried it on wet paper, very effective.

Catherine said...

I must try these inktense pencils. You get such beautiful results from them.