Friday, October 28, 2011


Today has been such a beautiful day,I spent this afternoon in my workroom with the door open.Some of the time I spent on making a bag but need to undo the strap as I put it on wrong!
   I took some photos of my thoughts on the resolved sample and did a few more samples.I am not really getting near the finished article as I cannot decide the way to go.I expect it will come to me eventually.

These are my experiments for the structure but I'm not convinced.I want to include both manipulation and stitching since that has been a feature throughout this module.
These are the samples I did today.I stitched split stitch onto scrim then bondawebbed it to the  turquoise cotton scrunching it to form folds.The nearest bottom sample was straight stitch with machine thread onto organza then I attached it to the cotton while stitching channels with running stitch.I gathered the last sample then cross stitched onto it with irregular size crosses.I think I could go on producing samples without coming to a conclusion!

Last is a continuous line drawing ,with biro of my African violet.

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Catherine said...

I like your samples Jenn. The colours are super. Each sample is interesting in itself, but they work well together.