Sunday, October 30, 2011

More thoughts.

This resolved sample is giving me plenty to ponder.I had another thought about how to create it this afternoon,I wondered if it would be better done in sections then assembled.
I tried painting some pelmet vilene but it was with Koh -i -noor so it rubbed off.Then I thought if it needs to have a contrast perhaps using some silk viscose velvet bonded to it might be better for the plain areas.
I also bonded some fabric to vilene and stuffed it with wadding.(See picture below)I think this might work as I could make each section as a separate piece,manipulating and stitching the fabrics before stuffing and bonding  to vilene.Then they could be  attached to a large base piece of mounting card or vilene covered with the "plain" fabric.

I tried some fabric and some stitching onto the fabric roll and through the vilene.I drew out the size (30X30cms) I thought the final piece might be and put the sample on it.(The more I look at it the more it reminds me of a shell.)
  I'm away for a few days this week so I think it might do me good to forget about it and maybe come back to it afresh.

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pascale said...

Hi Ferinn, thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. I often visit yours and admire your work. You're really achieving a lot, at an incredible speed, not like me...