Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Foul day but fun afternoon.

I did not want to venture out today, even to my workroom.  So I gathered bits I had to hand and worked on my sketchbook.Below are the results.
Not exactly following what Sian did but putting my own slant on it.

I was reminded of the exhibition in Bath two summers ago that Sian was involved with I think it was called "Fusion" but am not sure.One of the artists had used jugs as her inspiration for some lovely pieces,again her name escapes me.

Here is a photo,unfortunately not a very clear one.

Finally a little of my resolving sample,as yet unfinished.It is proving to be slow going and I keep having a go at other things .


Kentish Maid said...

Really looks like you had fun doing these - they are lovely.

Meg said...

I saw that exhibition in Bath and I loved the jugs too. The artist was Jan Mortimer. Love your drawings by the way. Looking forward to seeing the resolved sample!