Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bone chilling .

I have read through Module 6 and decided that I'd look at wetlands for the eventual topic.With that in mind my husband and I visited Slimbridge today.It was chill and dank, especially after the sunny days we've been having.
I used my trusty little camera ,though my husband took some better shots with his digital slr.He's put them on a cd so I can use them too.

Despite it being so dank there were still some interesting reflections to be seen.

This was frozen but so clear as to show layers stuck in the ice.

The water is muddy but still shows the reflection of the trees.
We decided to become members if only for the year, so I can go back at different times and use it for my study.I took my sketchbook along but it stayed in my bag as it was so cold my fingers were numb even in gloves.
With membership I'll be able to go along when the weather improves and use it.


Thimble Fingers said...

What an interesting topic to study ... can't wait to see the development of this.

Fibrenell said...

Love the moody shots. You just don't get those here.

Catherine said...

Worth enduring the cold for the beautiful images you have captured. Good luck with the chapter - it sounds as though you will enjoy it.

Kentish Maid said...

I hope it was the weather that was bone-chilling, and not Module 6! Lovely pictures. Am looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Meg said...

It's a good subject for Module 6. I hope you warmed up in the lovely cafe at Slimbridge!

Daniela said...

Very beautiful and inspiring photos. I love the subdued northern feel. I wish you all the best with your final module!