Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Module 6 Chapter 1.

I've been trying to get to my workroom but other things have been taking over so today I made an effort and did not get sidetracked.I managed a decent length of time and got chapter one under my belt!

1.Using different media to portray observed patterns in water.

2.Layers of marks.


3.Blocks and textures .


4. Scrafitto.

 5.Frottage using surfaces in picture 3.


6.Using piece of lace in bottom corner to add frottage but in lines,spirals,diagonals etc.


7.Resist using candle wax and Brusho in first layer .Then using more candle wax and masking tape to overlay before washing again with Brusho.


8.Inks and bleach.


9. Transparent surfaces.

The light was not so good today so I'm afraid the images are a bit dark , a bit like my fingertips.By the time I thought to put on some rubber gloves it was too late,it's just as well I don't work in the food industry!


Thimble Fingers said...

It blows my mind how many different techniques you can use to achieve such a variety of designs. Brilliant samples. Looks like you've been super busy.

Fibrenell said...

It's always good to get chapt 1 done! - great samples, and so many.

Kentish Maid said...

So many different techniques, such fabulous work - you obviously enjoyed it !uning

Daniela said...

Super! You seem to be flowing along fantastically in your aquatic theme ...

Catherine said...

I'm loving your colours Jenn. Impressed by how much work you get done. You have inspired me to work a bit harder. These textures look fun.