Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sketchbook competition entry.

I really enjoyed this challenge,choosing to look into a box of kitchen utensils.This was a very quick pen drawing to establish the shapes.

Some pen details of light and shade.

Continuous line drawings of individual utensils.

Some areas isolated with a viewfinder and drawn in pencil.Alongside some cutouts in black paper to form a border.

A double page,opener drawn large with graphite on one page,then rest of page cut away to reveal rubbings and outlines on page below.

A page of magazine collage of different utensils.

A page of rubbings and cutouts overlaid and overlapped.

Using the embellisher and sewing machine to draw.

Rubbings on different papers of utensils made from wire.

The beginnings of a pattern idea from tracing ,repeating and flipping part of the isolated drawing.

I have other drawings and experiments though am limited here  to the maximum of ten.I think that there is scope for more experiment and exploration.I have already used this last to play with pattern on the computer and may well to go on to use it on fabric.Thank you Sian!


Kentish Maid said...


Thimble Fingers said...

I second that WOW!!

Trollman said...

awesome, I have a boring kitchen draw.

Daniela said...

Wonderful! Six and seven from the top are my favourites

Fibrenell said...

These are so good, Jen. Love your ideas with collage and rubbings. As you say many would make great decorated fabric.
You've set a high bar!

Catherine said...

Wow!! again from me too. I love your drawings and love even more how you have developed them.

pascale said...

You're a real talented drawer. I'm very impressed

Meg said...

These are great Jenn.

Catherine said...

Well done Jenn on winning third prize. I knew your work was outstanding and thought you would probably win. Delighted for you!