Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chapter Two.

I produced some papers last weekend rubbing with candles and pastels over my home -made string and card blocks,I also used some card stencils and brushed over with Brusho.I used cartridge and tracing papers and some acetate sheets. I used some acrylic paint to drag and print across the surface of the acetate .I forgot to take some photos of these papers but have some left ,so will try to do that before they are all used.
Alongside my interpretation is the photo of water I used for inspiration.All photos are mine, taken in various places some in the UK and some in Europe.The top is torn papers and the bottom cut.All samples are about six inches square.


        Both of these are cut papers.


Again these use cut papers.

One on left was cut and on right it was torn.



These next are taking the images used above and beginning to play around with cutting and rearranging them.I've kept the photo in for reference.I have added in new papers and in some cases a mixture of torn and cut.Each has been modified twice .



I'm not sure if these are radically different from one to the next but I've tried to keep to the feel of the texture and pattern of the water.

 I have five more to play with 
as you see here but I do have lots more photos of water so shouldn't be stuck!


Kentish Maid said...

Wow these are just great. Water is so difficult to interpret and these are just amazing.Really looking forward to seeing this work progress. Sheila

Catherine said...

Beautiful work Jenn! I just love the colours and it really gives the feel of water.