Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some chapter 3.

I made a start on these a few days ago and was meaning to do more before listing but I got sidetracked by some family tree research!

I sorted out the relevant threads in my stash.

reference books
 I found some books I can use .

 First sample uses free machine embroidery with straight stitch and a variegated machine embroidery thread.

Second sample uses a similar thread but whip stitch.



Third sample uses thread as above but with a zigzag stitch.All three samples are on calico and each area is about 3cms square.



 Sample four uses cable stitch .I used some perle,linen,soft silk and rayon tubular ribbon in the bobbin and machine embroidery thread in the top.In five I set the machine to automatic stitches but still with feed dogs lowered  and gently guided the embroidery ring.I added more to sample 5 using blue variegated thread but this time with feed dogs engaged.


                                                                                                                                In sample six I used a thicker thread in the bobbin and loosened the top tension.This sample includes automatic and utility stitches,some worked with a twin needle.I think I've explored quite thoroughly and am now ready to move onto Chapter Four.

 I have sorted out the threads that I can dye, see picture7.I have also sorted some fabrics ,picture 8,I have previously coloured that will fit into this module.I will add others ,as well as using various techniques to add texture and pattern to the surfaces of some of these.



Catherine said...

Luscious colours Jenn and a terrific variety of stitches and textures. (Do you give private machine embroidery lessons?)

Viv Estill said...

Great samples Jen!

Kentish Maid said...

This is looking really exciting. Really looking to seeing where you are going with this. I just loved the things you were doing in the last chapter. Sheila

Daniela said...

Really wonderful samples, seem to vibrate like water, looking ahead how you are going to develop this theme in the next chapters!