Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter Five.

After doing a little tidying in the garden, as it was so pleasant, I got down to tackling some Chapter Five samples.I gave my machine a good clean and lubricated it first.
1.Top -relates to drawing 11 and uses thermoprint fabric with straight stitch in machine embroidery thread.
bottom- relates to drawing 10 and is cotton lace bonded to my dyed fabric with stitch and thread as above.



 2.Top- relates to drawing 15 and is on silk chiffon using variegated machine embroidery thread with a straight stitch.
bottom left- relates to drawing 13. It is on scrim using cable stitch with a silk thread in bobbin.I did not use a hoop which has allowed the fabric to bunch and pull.
bottom right -relates to drawing 12 .Again cable stitch using same thread in the bobbin but using a tight and loose top bobbin tension.This was put into a hoop so did not bunch and pull.

 3.Top- relates to drawing 4. It is done on organza with a straight stitch using variegated machine thread.
bottom left- relates to drawing 6 .It is done on thermoprinted calico stitched from the back using zigzag stitch and a thin cotton thread in the bobbin.
bottom right -relates to drawing 3 .It is done on my dyed felt using a thin sparkle cotton in bobbin using a straight stitch,again stitched from the back.

 4.Top -relates to drawing 7.It is done on a block printed glazed cotton with solid ,variegated and metallic threads using zigzag.
bottom left-relates to drawing 12 .It is done on same cotton as above but with painted bondaweb bonded to it .It uses metallic thread in blocks of zig zag.
bottom right-relates to drawing 3.It is done on dyed scrim loose in a hoop with same thread as above and zigzag.


 5.Top - relates to drawing 2.It is done on a piece of tulle,the horizontal lines were done with silk thread in bobbin.The jagged lines were done with variegated machine thread.
bottom left-relates to drawing 6.It is done on a commercial lurex fabric.It was worked in both straight and zigzag using a mixture of metallic ,solid and variegated machine threads.
bottom right- relates to drawing 5.It was done on a dyed piece of fine silk using two automatic stitches but machine set to free embroider,with two machine embroidery threads.


Kentish Maid said...


Trollman said...

beautiful work as ever Jen. Was showing your stained glass piece at school to Pete Moorehouse, an artist we work with, who had done a primary workshop on the area; the kids had used the same idea of the motorway junction.

Catherine said...

Wonderful marks and textures Jenn and I love your colours.

sharon young said...

Love your colours and the samples are great, especially the last one.
BTW I received my comment fine on my blog today and the one you left on my previous post, thanks very much for your visits.