Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slimbridge in Spring.

 As it has been such a wonderful spell of unseasonable weather I thought I’d treat myself to a repeat visit to Slimbridge.Last time it was so very cold but today the sun shone and I could walk about without a coat and sit and sketch.As you can see the willows are showing green slimsp3 and reflecting in the not frozen water.

Flowers are beginning to bloom,I’m not sure what these are but they look like giant snowdrops.


slimsp6Birds are rearing young.slimsp5I even managed to see the otter coming out to luxuriate in the sun and dip down to have a drink.

slinsp4The sky really was this blue.I expect we’ll have a shock when the temperature dips back to normal.though it’s been good while it lasts.


sharon young said...

Looks as if you had an amazing day, the last time we went there the weather was so bad, I never got out, just left my DH to explore in the freezing cold!

Lovely to see the otter

Catherine said...

Looks lovely! We have some of those giant snowdrops in our garden but I don't know what they are either. We had 24 degrees in Aberdeenshire on Tuesday - unbelievable in March!