Sunday, April 01, 2012

Chapter Six

I have spent this afternoon creating samples for chapter six.They take some time as they are composed of layers with stitch into each layer.
Top  This has a bottom layer of fine cotton with painted bondaweb,then a layer of fine tulle then silk.I cut areas back to reveal what was below.I used straight stitch with a variegated thread.

Bottom This had a bottom layer of glazed cotton with zigzag stitching, again variegated, topped with fine silk and metallic straight stitch.The final layer was crystal organza with straight stitch but I left diamond shaped areas unstitched  to cut back.

six 3/4

Top This had a bottom layer of blue net stitched with blocks of straight stitch,second layer was fine silk with lines of zigzag and finished with organza stitched with lines of metallic zigzag .I took the heat gun to it and it melted back ,some down to the net layer

 Bottom This had a dyed piece of thicker silk stitched in meandering lines,next came organza stitched with solid areas in metallic and heat gunned to melt back.Final layer was blue net and variegated thread cut back in certain areas.

I think they are quite representative of the paper exercises in Chapter two and do look water like,except perhaps Sample 1.This was one I did before properly reading what I was supposed to do!

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Catherine said...

I'm starting to get really jealous now! Lovely work Jenn!