Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 7.

I first found the different water soluble fabrics I had.These are solufleece,solvy(I think) and aquafilm ,from Whaleys.I then carried out the following technical samples on each one,free machine straight stitching in lines up and down and then at right angles to the first stitching.Next I used the same stitch but looped across the sample then at right angles as before.For the third sample I used free machine zigzag in a grid as before.Fourth sample was as the second in loops but using free machine zigzag.

These two photos show the samples pinned out before being run under the tap.From left they are Solvy,solufleece,aquafilm and aquafilm doubled.

This is the after photo.Not a great deal of difference apart from the third sample from the left shows how the zigzag opens out somewhat.At least they all stayed together!


Catherine said...

Really interesting to see the effect of the different soluble fabrics and different stitches.

sharon young said...

What a great set of samples, it's interesting to see the before and after.
Many thanks for dropping in on my blog I thought the same thing when I unwrapped them :-)