Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Seven.

I decided to use Aquafilm doubled for this next set of samples as it stretches nicely into a hoop and I could trap snippets between the layers.This is before they were run under the tap.I did save the water!

On the left they have dried and been stuck in my sketchbook with explanatory notes.These were all straight free machining.They have mostly kept their shape.

Unfortunately I forgot to do a "before" photo on all of the next lot so there's  only an "after".This lot were set for free zigzag.They are much less stable.

The last set ,on the left, were those where I trapped some snippets of threads and silk fabric before stitching.The stitching is difficult to see as it sinks into the fabric,which does have the advantage of holding it all together.The long set were those where I used a thicker cotton thread in the bobbin,and varied between using straight and zigzag stitch,and areas of dense stitching and very little.

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