Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soluble lace to translate drawings.

I've had a little break from working on this module as I went to Florence for a few days to celebrate our significant year with my girlfriends from school.We had a lovely time with good weather while the UK was suffering its monsoon!

It's taken a little while to get back to work.However, here are my offerings for the end of Chapter 7.
These are the before ,pinned out ready to dissolve.

I used a double layer as before.

These are the samples after dissolving along with the reproduced drawings they are translated from.
Top -Scrim trapped ,then stitched with a very fine zigzag
Middle-snippets of ribbon trapped ,then straight cable stitch with two thicker threads.
Bottom-straight stitch in two machine threads weaving in and out to create the fabric.

Top-I trapped the ends of threads I had cut off before using a meandering straight stitch.
Middle-I cut some short lengths of ric -rac then used a fine zig zag to stitch around and over.
Bottom-I used a zigzag to build up the "dots"then a straight stitch to join them into a grid so they wouldn't fall apart.

I need now to sort through my photos and begin to collect ideas and make some sketches for my theme .Perhaps another visit to Slimbridge if the weather allows.

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Daniela Maschera said...

Oh how wonderful you went to Florence, I hope you had a chance of visiting Palazzo Pitti, it has a wonderful collection of beautiful dresses and of modern jewellery ... I hope to see you at Summer School
Love Daniela