Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Paint shop play.

I had a look through some of my photos and took some time to play with them this morning .This will  begin the process of sorting through ideas for inspiration.
These have been manipulated to emphasise the textures but I have plans to process more photos to look at colours and shapes.
I've sat at my computer this morning(Friday)and got on with some other sheets.It's quite tedious but now it's done I can get on with other things.

Some of the colours from Slimbridge ,in January and March.

Some things that will yield ideas for patterns.

Some shapes from my photos.Some of them have been manipulated with Paint Shop to make the shapes stand out more.
There are lots more that I could add but this is a flavour.I have also begun to write down words associated with my visit to Slimbridge and to gather information about wetlands which is to be my focus for the module piece.

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