Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slimbridge sketches.

I have just found the little sketchbook I took with me in March intending to sketch.Well, no-one told the inhabitants so what follows are the squiggles I managed before I gave up and resorted to the camera.
These were quite a distance away and constantly changed position.

 These crows were fighting over some tasty morsel,constantly pecking at each other and flying up then swooping down.

  In March the flamingos were outside, rather than in their sheds.Quite a disconcerting colour against the spring greens of an English scene.


Some children had stopped by the lake edge to feed the ducks ,but they had short shrift as the greedy,and much bigger swans jostled to gain a good spot.


Max the Lobster said...

I don't think you should have given up these are lovely. So full of life and movement.

Kentish Maid said...

I agree - I think you have really captured the essence of these birds.

Catherine said...

These are super drawings. The speed at which you had to work has given them such a wonderful free quality and really captures in a few marks the essence of the birds.

Trollman said...

Jen, both the photos and drawings are lovely. The drawings would make wonderful mono prints or perhaps stitched over photos (too much time working with Sharon I think here)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Michigan. I was searching for reviews on the new book the Joy of Ice and Iron and I came across your very lovely artistic blog.
Your drawing of the birds are wonderful. Your art work is very lovely and your creativity is glorious. I will enjoy following your blog and seeing your art work. Hugs Judy