Friday, June 08, 2012

Chapter Eight -Research.

    I am trying to collect information but am being a bit slow.Wetlands is a big topic and I'm having difficulty in deciding what to include,and what to leave out.I suppose as I chose to use Slimbridge then that should be sufficient to focus on.I've found information on the Ramsar Convention ,which is a worldwide organisation for wetlands,and it has lots of information.However,I think I could become swamped with information overload.Anyway this is what I've been up to just lately.

These first three pages are my choice of words suggested in the Module.
I have tried to depict-
2.quiet,controlled, separated 3.expelled,compressed



Next,I chose some words related to my focus


These depict-
As you can probably deduct they mainly refer to the behaviours and noises of the many birds encountered at Slimbridge.



Next come some more line drawings of birds ,but this time drawn from looking at my photos.I love the way you can use line to depict the shape.I will look more closely at the patterns and colours to fill out my research,but a fine line pen is easy to use while in front of my computer especially as it's not in my workroom.

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